Our mission is to build your brand an incredible website loved by you and your customers.
We work one-on-one with kind people, growing brands and non-profits.

Hey, I’m Robert!

A bit to introduce myself: I have practiced as a website developer and designer since 2009 – what then started as a hobby, learning how to read and write in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. Throughout the past eight years, I have continued to practice and sharpen the skills necessary to craft and maintain fast-loading, elegant website and user experiences for my clients friends

  • I will personally care about you and your happiness
  • You, your goals, business, and budget are always respected
  • We operate on the same team
  • Your success is paramount, and so is ours
This is me with our chief officer of pets
... her napping abilities are legendary

Ultimately, my greatest joy is helping my clients achieve happiness with their digital marketing efforts. Through Ever, I strive to provide you with a niche, hands-on service that aspires to deliver top-quality care and services. Below are a few things to further introduce myself:

  • I have many cat friends. But I would like a dog again, someday
  • Walking and adventuring outdoors is my daily pass time
  • I care for many houseplants, mostly tropicals. I love plants!

Ever Marketing, my personal practice and the positions I’ve held at marketing and technology companies have allowed me to educate myself further on the latest advancements in website technologies.

Our Mission

To build incredible website experiences for you and your customers. Websites that are thoughtful in their form and function. Are responsive and carefully crafted with accessibility and best practices in mind.

To actively participate in and give back to our clients and the communities we serve in.

To be ever-evolving, always learning, and growing our knowledge for ourselves and our clients. And to do our best to serve, educate, and to support our friends and their biggest goals.

Downtown Coeur d'Alene Website Design

Charitable Initiative and Community

We donate 7% of website projects, consulting, and support tickets to local charitable initiatives throughout the Coeur d’Alene-Spokane region, Inland Northwest, and the communities we serve. To initiatives and organizations doing the most good in their communities. In addition to that, an additional 1% of our revenue through online payments is contributed to the Stripe Climate program to fund carbon offset initiatives.