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Ever Marketing is focused on building you the best WordPress website in your industry. We are located in our hometown of Coeur d’Alene and are honored to work with our distant neighbors in Seattle, Washington, and nearby communities.

My name is Robert. I have spent many years educating myself on how to build better websites. It brings me joy crafting them with a modern, mobile-first approach and completing highly usable, websites my clients and their customers adore using. Most importantly, I love any chance to work alongside kind, passionate people to achieve better website goals together. I encourage you to reach out and share any concerns regarding your website. Thank you for considering Ever Marketing!

Website Design and Dev

We bring a modern and knowledgeable approach to designing WordPress websites, emphasizing mobile responsiveness and brand coherence while perfectly capturing the essence of your brand in every detail.

From conceptualization to the final design and development stages, your new website is collaboratively planned for by the very professional constructing it. Leading to a more cohesive result. Moreover, we gladly offer consultation and support for your existing WordPress website.

1:1 Website Consulting

Our breadth of experience revolves around working with passionate business owners and organization leaders to achieve a healthy website built using WordPress. Healthy means it’s loading for everyone incredibly fast. It’s also up-to-date and truly serving you and your customers. It provides helpful information in a fun and engaging way. Our priority is to take care of you first. A close second is to create a website that not only aligns with your brand but also fully serves its purpose as it evolves and grows with your purpose.

The best projects we complete share a common trait: Both parties are engaged and working hard towards the same goals. Bigger goals require a more routine time commitment, and that’s where one-on-one consulting with a digital strategist can help.

WordPress Hosting, Maintenance, and Support

Our WordPress website hosting retainers are simple to understand and helpful in just the right ways. We help our clients keep their websites up-to-date, and secure. When you spend your hard-earned money on cheap hosting, it means you’re sharing your website with way too many people, on lower-quality server racks, with far more restrictive computing resources. Our managed hosting alleviates your hosting woes. It also keeps your website up and running quickly, adequately serving your website traffic needs. Our managed WordPress care service personally is there to support you at no additional cost.

Pike place Public Market Center in Seattle, WA exterior on a stormy evening

About Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington, often called the “Emerald City,” has a rich history stretching back to the mid-1800s when it was just a small lumber town. The Denny Party, early settlers, led the charge in establishing Seattle, with Arthur Denny, one of the city’s founders, guiding the first group to the area. Lumber companies like Yesler’s Mill, built by Henry Yesler, became central to the burgeoning timber industry, a vital hub for logging and shipping. The strategic location of Seattle on Puget Sound further fueled its rapid growth, attracting pioneers and entrepreneurs who saw potential in its deep waters and dense forests.

By the late 1800s and early 1900s, immigrants from Europe and Asia, drawn by the railroad and growing industry, began to shape Seattle’s development. The Chinese were among the first, working on railroads and in mines. Japanese immigrants later settled, contributing to agriculture and the International District’s vibrant business scene. Scandinavian immigrants from Norway and Sweden played key roles, particularly in the lumber and fishing industries while establishing Seattle’s maritime heritage.

In the mid-90s, living in Seattle was an exciting experience, especially with the city’s burgeoning grunge scene. It was a time when bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden were making waves, transforming Seattle into a hub for alternative music. The city’s downtown was a mix of tech companies and music venues, with iconic spots like The Crocodile and The Showbox hosting live shows. And to this day, they remain a staple to the downtown core and our a few of my favorite venues to see a show. Pike Place Market was bustling with local artisans and street performers, and the coffee culture was exploding, thanks in part to Starbucks.

By the late 90s and early 2000s, Seattle’s tech scene began to take center stage, with names like Microsoft and Amazon. F5 Networks, commonly known as F5, was established in Seattle in 1996. The city became a magnet for tech professionals, shifting the city into a new wave of energy and innovation. Although “Frasier” was not an accurate representation of everyday life in Seattle, the hit TV show and its success played a role in shaping the broader public perception of Seattle during this time. Also in 1996 in the neighborhood of Green Lake, the Woodland Park Zoo named a group of penguins after characters from the popular sitcom, recognizing the show’s strong connection to Seattle, where the story is set.

The continued growth created tension between those who welcomed modernization and those who most felt the loss of historic buildings and the city’s cultural heritage. Community groups voiced their opposition to the demolition of iconic structures to make way for new developments. Amidst big changes, Seattle continued to focus on environmental consciousness, sustainability, and green living, but the clash between urbanization and preservation shaped the city’s dialogue as it entered the 21st century. Despite these challenges, Seattle’s blend of tech innovation, music, art, and community spirit remained strong, driving ongoing conversations about the city’s future.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Japanese cherry blossoms, or sakura, hold a special place in Seattle’s community. They symbolize beauty, renewal, and the transient nature of life. Every spring, the city is transformed into a sea of pink and white as these delicate blossoms burst into bloom, most especially in areas like the University of Washington’s Quad and Seward Park. The arrival of cherry blossoms is more than just a stunning visual spectacle—it marks the beginning of a new season and brings people together to celebrate nature’s fleeting beauty.

The cultural significance of cherry blossoms in Seattle is closely tied to Japanese traditions and the city’s rich Japanese-American heritage. The annual Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival, part of the Seattle Center’s Festál series, showcases the deep-rooted connections between Seattle and Japan.

Pike Place Market

One of the most iconic places in Seattle is Pike Place Market, which began in 1907 when city councilman Thomas Revelle aimed to provide a public market where farmers could sell directly to consumers, bypassing the inflated prices imposed by middlemen. His idea was to create a space where fresh, affordable goods were accessible to everyone. It didn’t take long for the market to become a bustling hub, connecting local farmers and artisans with the Seattle community.

Today, Pike Place Market is more than just a spot to grab fresh produce—it’s a vibrant piece of Seattle’s identity. As you approach, the iconic red neon “Public Market Center” sign welcomes you. The “flying fish” tradition, where fishmongers toss fish at each other, entertains and amazes visitors from around the world. Beyond the seafood spectacle, Pike Place Market is also home to the first Starbucks store, quirky attractions like the gum wall, and my favorite hole-in-the-wall gem, Ghost Alley Espresso.

The Monorail

The Seattle Monorail has a special history that dates back to the early 1960s. Originally it was constructed for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, also known as the Century 21 Exposition. The idea behind the monorail was to showcase futuristic transportation and offer a quick, efficient link between downtown Seattle and the fairgrounds at Seattle Center. It was a sleek and modern way to travel, zooming along its elevated track and providing visitors with a glimpse of what transportation might look like in the future, at the time. The Monorail has since transitioned from its early days as a World’s Fair attraction to a practical transit option, providing a direct link between Westlake Center and Seattle Center. It has retained its retro-futuristic charm, offering a unique and enjoyable ride that appeals to tourists and locals.

Exploring The City

Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s most vibrant neighborhoods, renowned for its bustling nightlife, eclectic culture, and diverse, inclusive community. Historically, Capitol Hill has been a center for Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Ballard community, hosting the annual Seattle Pride Festival, a significant event that draws thousands of visitors annually. Ballard is an iconic Seattle neighborhood with deep maritime and Scandinavian roots. Known for its historic Ballard Locks and charming waterfront, Ballard has evolved from a traditional fishing community into a bustling neighborhood with a laid-back vibe. Fremont, affectionately known as “The Center of the Universe,” is one of Seattle’s quirky and artistic neighborhoods. It’s famous for its public art, including the Fremont Troll and the Lenin Statue. Over time, the neighborhood has evolved into a popular destination for foodies, offering a range of eclectic eateries and breweries. Fremont Brewing has roots in the Fremont neighborhood and has become a well-known name in Seattle’s craft beer community. It offers a casual beer garden to enjoy a wide selection of craft brews, from IPAs to porters to more experimental styles. What sets Fremont Brewing apart is its commitment to sustainability and using locally sourced ingredients. If you’re in Fremont, it’s a place worth checking out to get a sense of the local craft beer scene.

WordPress Website Assistance

Your website should work for you and your brand—not be a constant source of frustration and letdown. If you’re based in Seattle and need a new website for your business or non-profit, our hands-on WordPress specialist would love to help. You’ve probably gone through the website replacement process before, and you don’t want to be pushed into paying for something you don’t need or don’t even know if it’s needed. That’s why we’re your website consultant first, an advocate for your brand, and ultimately the professional tasked with helping you execute a better website. Our skilled professional works with you to develop a manageable strategy for building a better website, focusing on what makes sense for your brand and goals.

At Ever Marketing, when you choose our website design or WordPress support services, we promise you that it’s not just about us delivering a product—it’s about teaming up to achieve your goals. We don’t see you as “just a client.” You’re part of our extended family, and we care about your success as much as you do. Even though it might appear obvious, the marketing team you hire should work closely with you, like a real partner. We also want you to stop consuming your marketing budget on websites that don’t deliver the experience you work so hard to provide your customers offline. Let’s climb higher, together.

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