Our 7% Charitable Initiative

A bit about our charitable initiative.

We have chosen to dedicate and donate 7% of the proceeds from all website projects, consulting, and support requests to non-profit organizations and initiatives in our communities, mainly throughout the Inland Northwest region and North Idaho. With each donation, our clients are credited and thanked for their contributions.

We are excited to announce our everyday effort and commitment to an ongoing charitable initiative.

This means when you count on us to provide you with website services, to consult with you on how to improve or manage your existing website, or when you’re getting any quoted website project built, seven percent of your paid invoices go to a local charitable initiative. This is where we start.

Ever Marketing welcomes new relationships with non-profit organizations and initiatives, especially throughout the U.S. and Canada. Using our professional skills to help serve those who support and serve others has always been a special mission for us to follow. We always consider it an honor to work with a neighbor and assist in their local initiatives. But regardless of proximity to us, when our non-profit, do-gooder friends need help with their website, we hope to be there. We offer exclusive everyday service discounts for certified non-profits (doing good in their communities).

Robert Nelson at Ever Marketing

Hey, I'm Robert!

I'm a WordPress website designer and developer living in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
I love to work with passionate people to help build user-friendly website experiences.

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