WordPress Services

WordPress is a top specialty, and our dedication to the CMS website content management system is by choice. Ever Marketing attempts to encapsulate long-term strategy and ease for you and your website’s future with an open-source strategy.

Through beautifully crafted, user-friendly websites, we hope to bring the beauty of your business online and are prepared to impress and serve your customers 24/7. We do that by working directly with you, one-on-one consulting with a professional to strategize the perfect WordPress website.

Understandably, the best of the best isn’t established overnight. Likewise, we believe you should never see your website as the best of the best. It’s always a work in progress. Our in-house specialist will build your website to your desired specifications and stick around to improve, maintain, and support you with it.

Continued refinement is critical to a successful marketing strategy. So we hope you’ll consider continuing to build your dream WordPress website with us. How can we help you with your existing or replacement website?

Are You Currently On WordPress?

If you’ve got an aging WordPress website, that’s no problem. However, if you don’t know what your website is running on, know you can count on us to figure it out on your behalf.

We’ve worked with countless WordPress websites. Many were neglected without the proper attention and updates. Most run off of a different theme, chosen by a different developer, at an earlier time for website technology. Maybe even a proprietary agency-built theme. Basically, they needed some attention and love from a friend.

Why Choose WordPress?

With a WordPress-built website, you’re in control of your investment. A website is an ongoing expense for any business. You want your business to look its best, and you may routinely dedicate a percentage of your marketing budget to website services. 

When investing in a privatized, proprietary website-building platform, you risk investing a lot into a website you can’t take with you. Instead, you can host your website wherever you choose with open-source software like WordPress.

However, with open-source software comes its flaws. Inherently, any core or plugin software, open-source or proprietary, is susceptible to security concerns. Everything is written and programmed by humans. Security patched by humans. WordPress can be insecure. But we do everything we can through best practices to ensure your website’s safety from attacks, the best we can, that is. How?

Well, WordPress offers regular core updates. Plugin developers are regularly improving their code and security as well. With WordPress website care from Ever Marketing, we maintain these incoming updates to ensure your website is always running the latest software available. We offer additional preventative maintenance measures that keep you not only up and running optimally but keep you better secured from common forms of attacks.

WordPress, Unique To Your Brand

We specialize in hybrid custom solutions for your business and its’ unique customer path to conversion and build websites that keep your brand and longevity in mind. Solutions that are cost-effective and the least frustrating possible. That’s what we love to provide to you.

Our WordPress professional crafts solutions that make future efforts easier on your part while allowing us the flexibility to work our magic on implementing your unique, consistent experience – the kind you can’t get from a drag-and-drop builder alone. 

We can recommend top choices based on budget and traffic needs and help do the heavy lifting when it comes time to install the website and go live.

Need website hosting? But, of course! Fast, premium WordPress hosting management with no commitment and best of all, maintenance care included. Best of all, you always own your website.

Ditching or Switching Agencies?

Marketing agencies build websites following the assumed best practices of their lead in-house developer when offered. But, unfortunately, some won’t tell you they’re outsourcing to unqualified developers for hire. As a result, the transition between digital marketing agencies and web admins can be challenging for some. Leaving the results a tad lackluster.

Digital marketing agencies are susceptible to unknowingly hiring under-skilled and qualified developers, unable or willing to reverse engineer another developer’s work to solve a client’s problem. Often, this is why you see more and more agencies leaning towards staple name drag-and-drop site theme builders built on WordPress. This solution is easier to manage for business owners alike.

At Ever, we have the specialized experience and skill to help you pick up where your WordPress website currently sits regarding its health. We can help you assess your current WordPress website and weigh the benefits of salvaging or replacing it so you’re not wasting valuable time and money replacing something that may only need a little housekeeping.

Migrating From Another Website Provider

Are you currently operating with a website that behaves more like a thorn on your side? We can help you move away to something less limiting, costly, problematic, or all of the above. Our in-house specialist has a background in websites, server needs, and navigating migrating woes. We can help discuss the next steps with your current provider.

Your Website Really (Really) Matters

At Ever Marketing, we specialize in developing, designing, hosting, and maintaining WordPress-built websites—genuine, honest, professional service. We want you to love browsing your website and immersing yourself in your brand.

Besides your website, we assist you with everything else besides WordPress. Domain registration, premium website hosting, email services, search engine optimization, and more. You can learn about our other services if you’re interested.

Your website should be easy to navigate, have a user-friendly experience, load quickly, and serve your customers. We believe your website matters. Therefore, we strategize solutions that fit your unique needs. It’s always about your success. We’re here to help you.

What Next, You May Ask?

Suppose your current website isn’t living up to its real potential. That’s all you would need to know to contact us next. In that case, we have the specialized skill and time-tested experience to help you. Best of all, we love what we do.

We love to establish meaningful relationships with our customers and their businesses. We’re in the business of growing together. So we hope you’ll consider letting us know how we can help you. Hopefully, that’s next.