WordPress Services

We develop, design, and maintain next-level WordPress websites.
Your brand deserves to appear and perform its’ best online. That’s why Ever exists to help.

Website Development & Design

We specialize in improving existing WordPress websites and designing and building new ones that flawlessly showcase your brand through your website. Our websites aim to be visually captivating, and user-friendly, and they’re always optimized to be mobile-responsive. Our process begins with friendly consultations, our in-house specialist working closely with you to strategize, design, and build the perfect WordPress website that aligns with your project goals and needs.

Website Consulting

Technology is updating daily. It’s not always the most practical to keep up, especially when you don’t live on a computer. With expectable, fair rates, consulting with Ever Marketing is a simple and effective way to set aside time with a website professional for 1:1 help. There are no harsh commitments, no shenanigans, simply friendly, knowledgable help with your website.

Built with Open-Source WordPress

We build and rebuild existing websites using open-source WordPress. We are an independent practice with many years of experience developing and designing websites. Websites are built in-house by our designer-developer, Robert. He specializes in WordPress and web programming and markup languages to display and create high-functioning, modern, beautiful, and mobile-responsive websites.

  • It’s portable (you own it!)
  • It’s highly moldable to your brand and project needs
  • Finding WordPress help is plentiful
  • Built to scale

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Ever Marketing offers simple maintenance retainer plans that make it easier for you to run your WordPress website more carefree with the help of a specialist. All retainer plans include premium Google Cloud server hosting with server-level WAF protection, and daily backups with delegated access to your website control panel.

If your website is running slow, we can help you identify potential problems with your current hosting environment, and make recommendations to help you meet the needs of your traffic and website use.

  • Premium Google Cloud Hosting
  • Daily Backups
  • Server-Level WAF Protection
  • Control Panel Access
  • Easy-To-Understand Services
  • Included Support Services

SEO Consulting and On-Page SEO

Ever Marketing has dedicated multiple consecutive years to learning and practicing search engine optimization. It remains a daily practice. Our in-house strategist can help consult you on your existing search engine optimization, and performance hurdles caused by the technical limitations of your website or the content you have on it.

Every website we work on improving considers your essential on-page SEO best practices – budget is never an exception.

Updates and Troubleshooting

WordPress websites and your website hosting server should receive adequate attention and regular updates to stay up-to-date and continue to run in good health. There are varying layers of software that keep your website online and running properly. When these updates aren’t made and you fall behind, it becomes riskier to update some plugins and themes down the road. Most importantly, your website becomes more at risk of being exploited by known vulnerabilities. If your website was built with an excess of plugins, especially lesser-supported ones, this becomes a much greater risk and could also cause issues with the operation of your website.

A plugin could interfere with your ability to log in to your admin panel. Attempting to move your website from one host to another could result in your website no longer loading properly. An unknown error is displayed when you attempt to access your website. We offer WordPress website support and consulting to help you navigate more troubling technical occurrences.rnrnWhen you are experiencing website problems like slow-loading pages, WordPress errors, regular server service errors, or simply unsure what’s happening with your website, that’s a great time to reach out to us. Our services help you to take control of your website, to understand what went wrong, and how it can come to a resolution.

WordPress Migration

When you have a WordPress website that needs to move from a previous hosting or marketing provider to a new location, you can turn to Ever Marketing for assistance safely moving your website from one location to another, and troubleshooting any problems you may face with your existing website files or server requirement needs.

We can assist you with migrating your WordPress website away from a previous service provider to a hosting account you own and control.

Ready for Website Help?

Ever Marketing is based in the Inland Northwest, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. As mentioned above, we assist business owners and organizations with quality WordPress development, support, and website consulting to care for you and your website visitors.

We’d love to hear from you. We hope you’ll contact us to get a great conversation started!

Here a just a few ways in which we offer help to our clients friends:

  • Plugin Installation
  • DNS Changes
  • Post Falls Website Marketing
  • WordPress Plugins
  • SEO
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Redmond Beaver Builder Support
  • Easy To Manage Website
  • Websites for Green Energy
  • Website Updates
  • Missoula Brand Consulting
  • Performance and Speed
  • G Workspace
  • Realtor Websites
Robert Nelson at Ever Marketing

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I'm a WordPress website designer and developer living in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
I love to work with passionate people to help build user-friendly website experiences.

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