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Ever Marketing is focused on working with you one-on-one to provide top-quality WordPress services. We are locally based in Coeur d’Alene and are honored to work with our neighbors throughout Hayden Lake, Idaho, and nearby communities.

My name is Robert. I grew up here in Hayden and have spent many years learning how to build better websites. It brings me joy crafting modern, highly usable websites, completing, and continuing to work alongside kind people to achieve better website goals together. I encourage you to reach out and share any concerns regarding your website. Thank you for considering Ever Marketing!

Web Development and Design

We take a modern and informed approach to crafting WordPress websites that prioritize mobile responsiveness, and brand consistency, as well as serve the essence of your brand.

Often, a proprietary website drag-and-drop builder is too restrictive. You find out your website is locked in with that platform and limited to its available features and capabilities. Open-source WordPress has matured into dependable open-source software with a vast community backing it. It’s portable, and there are countless qualified individuals and groups to support you with your website.

From conceptualization to the final design and development stages, your new website is collaboratively planned for by the very professional constructing it. Leading to a more cohesive result. Moreover, we gladly offer consultation and support for your existing WordPress website.

1:1 Website Consulting

Our breadth of experience and services revolves around working with you to achieve a healthy website built using WordPress. Healthy means it’s loading fast, up-to-date, and truly serving you and your customers. It provides helpful information in a fun and engaging way. Our focus is to create a website that not only aligns with your brand but also fully serves its purpose as it evolves and grows with your purpose.

The best projects we complete share a common trait: Both parties are highly engaged and working hard towards the same goals. Bigger goals require a more routine time commitment, and that’s where one-on-one consulting with a digital strategist can help.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We offer simple-to-understand and helpful WordPress-managed hosting and care services. We help our clients keep their websites up-to-date, and secure. Cheap hosting means you’re sharing your website with way too many people, on lower-quality server racks, with far more restrictive computing resources. Our managed hosting keeps you up and running quickly, adequately serving your website traffic needs. Our managed WordPress care service helps you when you need it at no additional cost.

Lake Hayden from Dike Road in Hayden Idaho

About Hayden Lake, Idaho

Hayden Lake is a tight-knit community in Idaho, just north of Coeur d’Alene, known for its shimmering lake and pine-covered, hilly landscapes. It’s a growing community and a considerable spot for local outdoor enthusiasts, offering a variety of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and wildlife observation. It’s a peaceful lake with several coves, inlets, and a rich, troubled history in the community. The Coeur d’Alene Tribe, also known as the Schitsu’umsh, is known as the first settlers. At the time, the local tribe’s territory was far more expansive and covered much of the Coeur d’Alene region, including all of Lake Coeur d’Alene. This changed when Matthew and John Hayden, brothers and early Euro-American settlers of the area in the 19th century, came to settle. They were instrumental in naming, and the eventual development of, and settling of Hayden Lake. Through the years, a small and growing town began to emerge. The region became inhabited by homesteaders, loggers, and timber workers, railroad workers, to name a few.

Hayden Lake

Hayden Lake, located in northern Idaho, is a popular local destination. Those interested in natural beauty and outdoor activities, our kind of people are likely to know this is a great lake to appreciate year-round. Lush evergreen pine, hilly landscapes, and views of distant Coeur d’Alene Mountains surround much of it. Many locals and visitors from afar flock to Honeysuckle Beach, one of the few public access points to the lake. It’s also one of the most accessible, being only a mile, or so, from downtown Hayden, and only minutes away for residents of Hayden Lake. Observing sunsets at the lake is notable, with vivid autumn colors reflecting off the water, offering a peaceful conclusion to any day in North Idaho life. A particularly great time is in the fall when the landscapes are painted with fall colors. This is in part due to native trees found bordering the lake. The Western Larch, also known as a Tamarack tree, is deciduous, which means it loses its needles in the fall. But before it can drop its needles, the larch’s foliage turns a vibrant golden yellow.

Hayden Lake Marathon

The Hayden Lake Marathon is an annual event where you can choose from a range of distances—there’s a full marathon, a half-marathon, and even shorter races like a 10K or 5K. The race began in 2014 and has been a hit with local and traveling athletes. What’s special about this race is that racers are lucky to run around Hayden Lake, an exceptionally scenic route. It’s hard for avid runner-athletes to pass on an opportunity to participate in this (now) tradition. If this one has your attention, you’ve heard of the Coeur d’Alene Marathon. If not, consider this race next. In neighboring CdA, runners participate in this other local, annual race, and have the opportunity to race adjacent to Lake Coeur d’Alene.

A Troubled Past

Hayden Lake is known for its stunning natural beauty and recreational opportunities, but it also has a darker chapter in recent history. During the late 20th century, land in the area was the base for the Aryan Nations, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi group founded by Richard Butler. Their presence brought national attention to the small community due to their racist ideology and activities.

However, it’s also a local story of resilience and community strength. Through legal action and public pressure, the Southern Poverty Law Center, alongside local community members and human rights organizations, successfully challenged the Aryan Nations. A landmark lawsuit in 2000 bankrupted the group, leading to the closure of their compound and signaling an important victory against hate and intolerance in the area.


As you explore the lake, you can encounter a variety of birds, including the majestic bald eagle, often seen soaring above the lake or perched in a tall tree. Ospreys are also common, known for their impressive dives as they catch fish from the lake’s clear waters. Along the shorelines, you might spot great blue herons wading through the shallows, hunting for small fish and amphibians. The lake is home to many fish species, including rainbow trout and bass. This rich biodiversity makes Hayden Lake an intriguing destination for wildlife enthusiasts and those looking to experience Idaho’s natural beauty.

Need Website Help?

We think your website should work for you and your brand, and not be a routine headache, maybe even a disappointment. Our WordPress website design and development specialist can design a new site tailored to your business or non-profit. But look, we know this might not be your first time re-doing your website, and we’re not here to urge you into a complete redesign you don’t need. Instead, we can offer you more than just a website build. Our personal, knowledgeable service can help guide you with a strategic process to ensure your website meets your needs and serves your brand well.

At Ever Marketing, when you use our website design or supportive services, we will work with you to achieve a better website experience, together. It’s not just about us at Ever, and it’s not just about “the client”—to us, you become a friend, and we become invested in your success. You should be able to rely on the website designer you hire for professional guidance and friendly, dependable support.

Below are a few ways we’ve been able to help our clients friends with their websites:

  • Hosting Upgrades
  • Google Search
  • Website Care Plans
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  • Domain Transfer
  • Website Speed Audits
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Hayden Lake Content Writing
  • Brand Consulting
  • Landing Page Setup
  • Website Debugging
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