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Ever Marketing is focused on working with you one-on-one to provide top-quality WordPress services. We are locally based in Coeur d’Alene and are honored to work with our neighbors next door in Liberty Lake, Washington, and nearby communities.

My name is Robert. I grew up here in Coeur d’Alene and have spent many years learning how to build better websites. It brings me joy crafting modern, highly usable websites, completing, and continuing to work alongside kind people to achieve better website goals together. I encourage you to reach out and share any concerns regarding your website. Thank you for considering Ever Marketing!

Website Design & Development

We bring a modern and knowledgeable approach to designing WordPress websites, emphasizing mobile responsiveness and brand coherence while perfectly capturing the essence of your brand in every detail.

From conceptualization to the final design and development stages, your new website is collaboratively planned for by the very professional constructing it. This leads to a more cohesive, creative result. Moreover, we gladly offer consultation and support for your existing WordPress website.

Helpful 1:1 Website Consulting

Our breadth of experience includes working with passionate business owners and organization leaders to achieve a healthy website, constructed using WordPress. Healthy means it’s loading for everyone incredibly fast. It’s also up-to-date and truly serving you and your customers. It provides helpful information in a fun and engaging way. Our priority is to take care of you first. A close second is to create a website that aligns with your brand but also fully serves its purpose as it evolves and grows with your purpose.

The best projects we complete share a common trait: Both parties are engaged and working hard towards the same goals. Bigger goals require a more routine time commitment, and that’s where one-on-one consulting with a digital strategist can help.

WordPress Website Maintenance and Hosting

Our WordPress website hosting retainers are simple to understand and helpful in just the right ways. We help our clients keep their websites up-to-date, and secure. When you spend your hard-earned money on cheap hosting, it means you’re sharing your website with way too many people, on lower-quality server racks, with far more restrictive computing resources. Our managed hosting alleviates your hosting woes. It also keeps your website up and running quickly, adequately serving your website traffic needs. Our managed WordPress care service personally is there to support you at no additional cost.

Creek water falls surrounded by pine trees at Liberty Lake National Park

About Liberty Lake, WA

Tucked between the bustling cities of Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, Liberty Lake, Washington, has a strong history that predates its incorporation in 2001. Originally a sought-after retreat for early settlers and travelers, with a lake even today, we have a hard time resisting. The area and its rolling hills, one-of-a-kind lake, and incredible public forests set the stage for an evolving community. As the years pass, Liberty Lake grows into a vibrant hub with a strong business community. It’s home to established brands like Itron and Telect. A blend of natural beauty and economic growth makes Liberty Lake a special place for our Washington neighbors to call home.

“Steve” Liberty

Before incorporation, Liberty Lake was part of unincorporated Spokane County with the lake originally known as Lake Grier. One of the earliest and most notable settlers in the Liberty Lake area was Stephen Liberty, after whom the lake and community are named. Liberty, an early pioneer migrant from Quebec, is credited with helping to establish the community and contributing to its growth during the late 1800s. When Stephen Liberty moved to Lake Grier, you could say he “hit it off” with Chief Andrew Seltice from the Coeur d’Alene’s. The two became good friends, and Liberty started advocating for their cause, earning their trust as a confidant. Chief Seltice was known to have great confidence in Liberty. Back in 1886, he would regularly make trips to Washington, D.C., representing the tribe to sort out their reservation boundaries. His work was crucial in helping improve the welfare, education, and living conditions of the tribe’s people. Liberty Lake was ultimately named after him and was incorporated in 2001.

Liberty Lake Bike Trail and Spokane Centennial

The Liberty Lake Stateline Trail is a 1.8-mile pathway that runs between Interstate 90 and Appleway Road in Liberty Lake, Washington. With a 10-foot-wide paved surface, this trail is ideal for both walking and biking. Most of the trail beside I-90 is built on what used to be the Spokane and Inland Empire railway. The trail was completed in the summer of 2002, and in the following year, Spokane County planted trees along its route.

The Liberty Lake Stateline Trail also connects to the Spokane River Centennial Trail, a National Recreation Trail spanning nearly 40 miles. The Centennial Trail is designed for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, stretching from Sontag Park in Nine Mile Falls, Washington, to the Washington-Idaho border. Beyond the state line, the trail continues for 24 more miles into Idaho as the North Idaho Centennial Trail, passing through Post Falls and extending to Coeur d’Alene.

The Spokane River Centennial Trail was dedicated in November 1988 to commemorate Washington State’s centennial. The project was made possible by the people of Spokane, who raised funds and designed the trail. As you explore the trail, you can visit historic landmarks like the Civilian Conservation Corps camp remnants, where the 1974 World’s Fair was at Riverfront Park and the Great Northern Railroad depot clock tower from 1902.

Enjoying The Lake

Liberty Lake Regional Park is the go-to spot if you’re looking for a place to swim—it’s the only public beach on the lake. Locals love it because it’s not just a cherished public park, it’s also where you can truly experience the beauty of Liberty Lake.

Swimming is great, but there’s even more to do here. The Liberty Lake Loop Trail starts in the park, or you can join it from other trails that connect around the lake. It’s a favorite because if you hike far enough, you get gorgeous views of the lake, you might even catch some spring waterfalls, but only if you time your visit right.

The trail is perfect for soaking in nature, with views along the way like Liberty Creek, and there’s a little history too—like the landmarked abandoned car near the creek. If you’re into exploring the outdoors, you’ll find miles of trails to wander. Liberty Lake Regional Park is a place you’ll keep coming back to.

Website Designer for Hire

That’s a direct way of putting it. You’ve made it this far, and that’s seriously appreciated. To recap: Ever Marketing is a professional WordPress website designer and builder. Our services help your brand achieve the website you always wanted, and your brand ultimately deserves.

So, consider looking at it this way, your website should be a valuable marketing asset for your brand, not a regular source of frustration or letdown. Our website specialist, Robert, works with you 1:1 to craft a site that aligns perfectly with your brand guide. We get it—this is unlikely your first rodeo with a website overhaul. Let’s get something straight – We aren’t interested in pushing you into a complete redesign or rebuild you don’t need. Instead, we are here to offer more than just a site build. Our friendly, knowledgeable services can help you navigate the process to ensure your website truly works for you and represents your brand effectively.

At Ever Marketing, we believe the best work we achieve involves a strong collaborative journey. It’s not just about us doing our thing and is most certainly not just about you being “the client.” Instead, we see it as a partnership, where we hope you’ll become a friend, and we’re genuinely invested in helping you succeed. When you choose our website design or maintenance services, you’re not just hiring a team of professionals, you’re unlocking access to best-practice website knowledge and experience you can count on.

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