WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

They’re both great, and almost entirely different, so which is right for your business?

Choosing between WordPress.com and WordPress.org can be tricky if you don’t know the most significant differences. In this brief article, we’ll explore both web builder options and explain why your choice can have a big impact on your website’s future.

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is where you can download WordPress, a free platform for building websites and blogs. It’s open-source, which means you have total control over your site. With WordPress.org, you can shop for and select your desired web hosting, customize your site’s design and layout thoroughly, add special functionality with existing or custom plugins, and dive into the code if you want to. Unlike WordPress.com, which takes care of hosting but has more limitations, WordPress.org lets you build your site however you like, making it ideal for people who want flexibility and control.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is a platform that lets you create and host websites or blogs without requiring any technical expertise or additional professional website services. Unlike WordPress.org, where you’re responsible for setting up web hosting, WordPress.com handles it. This makes it a convenient choice for those who want to start a website without worrying about shopping for web hosting, software updates, or maintaining security. With WordPress.com, you can pick from various themes and plugins, but you will have far less flexibility than open-source WordPress.org. It’s an ideal solution for users who want to experience WordPress without getting too technical.

If you’re considering how long you’ll keep your new website, remember that WordPress.com is a proprietary platform. While it works similarly to the open-source version, it locks you into their service. This could limit your options if you ever want to move your site or make specialized changes. If you value flexibility, be cautious with proprietary web builders like WordPress.com.

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