Is Your Website Losing Traffic? (4 Reasons + Solutions)

Is your website traffic slowing down? Let’s explore what’s causing it and how to turn things around.

Seeing your website’s traffic decline can be alarming—it might even impact your business. But you can take steps to turn things around and prevent some of the possible damage being done. Let’s explore four common reasons websites lose traffic, with some easy solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

#4: Changes in User Behavior or Trends

Sometimes, the simple answer is that people change what they’re interested in. New trends happen instantly, social media shifts the narrative overnight, and industry influence can affect your website’s traffic. Ask and then listen to your customers. Take pride in your website and ask for feedback directly and with those you trust. You could conduct playful surveys on social media, and read the comments to understand exactly what your customers want to see. Use this feedback to positively influence changes you make to your website design or layout. This can help you create an experience that works and resonates with your right audience.

#3: Content Quality or Decline in Relevance

Engagement is key. Visitors should want to engage with your site, explore further, and check out more of the content that attracted them in the first place. If your content presents as outdated or doesn’t look nice, say the font size is all wonky, then they might lose interest more quickly, which could majorly influence whether visitors stick around. Here are a few tips to keep your content up-to-date:

  • Read your own content, or content you paid for (Do you value it?)
  • Don’t use images clearly out-of-date
  • Leave short-lived trends out of the picture

Refresh your content once in a while. Update old blog posts with new information, and create new content relevant to your current audience’s interests. Use keyword research tools to find out what people are searching for, and create content that matches those topics. Every change you make to your website can give valuable search engine crawlers a reason to check back soon.

#2: Technical Issues

This is a big one that is often neglected. Not only can technical issues can make your website difficult to use. Things like sloppy layouts, broken links, images, and intrusive pop-ups can lose trust and cause your visitors to bounce. This can hurt your traffic because major search engines don’t prefer sending their users to “poor-quality” sites. Plus, when your website is faster, it’s easier for everyone to access, especially in rural areas where internet options are limited and download speeds are poor. If your website is slow to load, it could be because your web host is a budget host, capped at performing with very few resources and limited capabilities.

Here are a few easy tips to keep your eyes out for when losing traffic to your website:

  • Did any pages (or posts) change around the same time?
  • Think of your 301 redirects when removing content
  • What is the quality of backlinks to my site?

But let’s get into one of the biggest technical issues you can face. An algorithm using programmed signals you can only try to influence. We’ll get into that next.

#1: Search Engine Algorithm Changes

Search engines are routinely changing how their search algorithms rank websites. Most notorious for this is the best-performing search engine out there, Google. These changes, known as algorithm updates, can and will ultimately affect your website’s visibility in search results. To stay ahead of algorithm changes, keep an eye on SEO news. You can do this by following SEO blogs (some of the best resources out there!) or joining SEO communities on social media. We love catching up on some of the latest SEO news through Search Engine Journal. Additionally, you can check tools like Google Search Console to check how your site is performing, and the best part is it’s important data for free. If you notice a drop, it is probably time to update your content or improve your SEO strategy.

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